Selina Glockner

Selina was born in Augsburg, Germany and grew up in an artistic environment. Always supported by her family, she soon discovered her passion for dance and for playing instruments. She trained at Ballett- und Tanzzentrum Otevrel in Augsburg, where she had the great chance to also perform at Dance Festivals in Greece and Japan. After her A-Levels she continued to train at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. In the past three years Selina worked with choreographers such as Darren Ellis, Kerry Nicholls, Mark Baldwin, Alexander Whitley and Robert Cohan amongst others. In collaborative projects she soon discovered that the collaboration of various art forms reflects her interests and skills. The influence of different art forms (such as fine art, music and drama) is also very present in her own choreographic work as they implicate an important source of inspiration.


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