Sarah Schmeikal

Sarah Schmeikal is working as a Costumedesigner, Tailor and Designer since 2010 with passion for all fabrics and creative processes.

She startet as a Fashion Designer in Linz/Austria with her Label sSynonym, but her heart always belonged to the creative possibilities of Stage Costume. Her focus is on compiling drafts, collection development, costumedesign, cutting, material purchase, production as well as doing production documents.

Since 2011 she is also a trainer in the area of the methods of Upcycling Design and is searching for ways to re-use, transform and deconstruct available clothes into new designs.

Also she is one of both founders of the association FAIRISTA which wants to transmit the topic of sustaninability in the textile area with a little style and creativity. She is main organiser and creative head as well as  trainer of employees.

Cuerpo Fundido Photography by Barbara Mair

Her special interest lies in finding creative ideas and transmitting creative thinking to others.

Sarah joined the PASSIONRED collective for the project CUERPO FUNDIDO in 2015. Her costume Design had a big influence on the choreographic process and was an enrichment for the whole production.

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