Mentor and teacher at International Summer Workshop 2014

currently living in Berlin, Germany.

Photo by Valdivia Design & Photography

Photo by Valdivia Design & Photography

Born in Haifa, Israel, 1980. He studied music from an early age, playing the accordion as a main instrument at the local conservatory at his home town Kiryat Haim. Following further dance and art education at the „Reut Jounior High School Haifa“, later on  „Wizo High School of the Arts“, Dance Department, 1998 graduated with honour. Additionally education of classical ballet, R.A.D, at the „Haifa Ballet Studio“ with   Liora  Bing  Heideker. Oren has won the „Sharet Foundation America Israel“ scholarships , attended the international summer courses of the Bad Dor Higher School of Dance“ years 1996-1998, Tel Aviv, Israel.
After graduation he joind the I.D.F. as „Excellent dancer“  and trainne at the „Bat Dor“ dance company Tel Aviv,Israel. Oren have worked with the Bat Dor company for 4 years, where he experienced wide range repertory of neo classical, modern and contemporary pieces. The choreographers were a.o. Hans van Mannen, Nils Christie, Ido Tadmor, Tamir Ginz, Luciano Kenito, Igal Perry, Lior Lev – to name a  few. In 2006 he has moved to Berlin and since then he has worked with different projects and companies. A.o. Nürnberg Staatstheater, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Zeynep Tanbay Dance Project Istanbul, Cyprus National Theater, Israeli Opera Tel Aviv, Ballett Magdeburg, Ismael Ivo „Apollo und Haycintus“ Berlin, Internationaal Dance Theater Amsterdam and more.

As a choreographer Oren has created for the „Bat Dor“ dance company, collaborated with „Tanzkompanie Tanzwerk“ Bremen and the theater director Frank Alva Beuchler. Recently, presented succesfully his new solo at „Biennale di Venzia“, 2012. Lately he worked for Musiktheater In-Vitro, as dancer – co-production by Troublyn, Antwerpen/Belgium. In the field of music he has studied piano improvisation with the pianist Charles Janco, following colaborating with the peformer and musician Lazare Rosell Albear. At the moment Oren works closely with the composer and percussionist Juergen Groezinger  for “The Alchemistic Cabaret “ Berlin.

Oren has successful recentyl premiered a full evening production „black cloud“ fusing dance and music at the maxim gorki theater studio in Berlin, Germany.

>> orenlazovski.com

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