International Summer Workshop 2016 (information)

International Summer Workshop

International Summer Workshop for classical and contemporary dance in Austria - for pre-professional and professional dancers







Life is a constant movement –

a flexible mind creates a flexible body

For Summer Workshop 2016 we want to concentrate on the pure communication that is created by the contact of bodies. Our aim is to expand our consciousness and knowledge, to open for new experiences. Partnering in dance is a language, where mind, body and soul melt to a perfect synchronization. Concentrating on finding that language through release based contact work, we supplement the workshop with classes for a mental and physical balance like Yoga, Pilates, Gyrokinesis and Thai Yoga Massage. By the end of the workshop you have the opportunity to present the outcome of our creative process in two final performance cases.



The International Summer Workshop was initially generated to offer room for creation and exchange, furthermore the aim is to intensify the growth of the collective PASSIONRED. It is a two-week intensive Workshop for advanced, pre-professional and professional dancers. The focus is on partnering and contact dance, technical training, rehearsing new choreographies and parts of the collective‘s repertoire, as well as on the development of personal and collective work.
The workshop comprises an intensive training for classical and contemporary dance as well as the techniques of a full body training with Gyrokinesis, Pilates, stretching and floor barre. Professional dancers from all over the world share with you their knowledge and offer individual mentoring and support.

Our intention is to engage with a variety of artists, to explore and share in a creative and research environment. Furthermore PASSIONRED is holding the Summer Workshops with the idea of future collaboration with some of the dancers. For the summer residency workshop we select max. 10 suitable dancers. This opens the possibility to concentrate on the development of every person. During these two weeks you are going to work very intensively, meet new people and gain experience by working in a company environment. In the same time you also have the chance to get to know beautiful parts of Austria.



Your mentor and teacher for the International Summer Workshop 2016 will be Julian Ricardo Yopasá Samacá – Dancer, Choreographer and Founder of the PASSIONRED collective. He will create the choreography for the final performance with you, give you personal advice and share as much experience as possible. Selina Glockner, a German dancer and former participant of ISW 2014, is going to assist Julian during the classes. Together they will introduce you to the choreography and partner work of our current projects. Furthermore we invite guest teachers like Ewa Wilisowska – Polish dancer and certified Gyrokinesis trainer – for the morning classes to prepare you for the day.


When you arrive, you find a unique, quiet and inspiring atmosphere, surrounded of nature. The dance-studio and your rooms are located in the middle of an old farm in the lake-area of Austria. For the time of your visit you can spend your freetime in the traditional timber house with garden. The house has a kitchen, toilet, balcony and a big dining and meeting room for the whole group as well as a terrace with tables. The buffet for lunch and dinner will be served there as well. Your neighbors are going to be some deers, which are living behind the timber house in a fenced area. Crossing a small river next to the timber house, you find the dance studio with shower, as well as the farm of the family Hochreiter. You will sleep in the guest-rooms of the farm/apartment with shared bathroom.


You arrive on 17. July, preferably in the morning or early afternoon, so that we still have time to show you the surrounding and get to know each other at the welcome-BBQ. The workshop starts on 18. of July.

08:00 – 09:00 breakfast in the timberhouse or garden
09:00 – 10:00 preparation for the training – stretching, Pilates, Floor Barre
10:15 – 11:45 ballet class
12:00 – 13:15 contemporary class
13:15 – 14:45 lunchbreak – vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
14:45 – 18:00 rehearsing choreographies and pieces, individual mentoring and collective work
18:00 – 19:00 final stretching, Pilates or Yoga (open for the PASSIONRED community)
19:00 – 20:00 dinner – vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
After 19:00 o´clock you are free to use the studio for yourself.

Saturday and Sunday (23. and 24. of July) are your free days. You can take part in the group-trips that we plan or do whatever you feel like. In the end of the two weeks you have the great opportunity to present the final performance of your work in two different venues.


In your freetime you can explore the area and do trips with us – have a relaxed day at one of the lakes like Attersee or Wolfgangsee, go for a trip with the tractor to the forest, visit the waterfalls at Traun or get to know the city Salzburg. 

We offer you breakfast lunch and dinner, if you are still hungry after that you can take from the fridge whatever you like. Costs for trips on the weekend and restaurant visits are not included. Please inform us in advance if you prefer to eat vegetarian meals or need any special diet (i. e. lactose intolerance, allergies) We will do our best, to take care of your needs. Towels and linen will be provided.



early bird discount until 1. March
€ 1650  (incl. € 60 Registration fee)

Standard price € 1750  (incl. € 60 Registration fee)


  • Workshop fees from 17. to 31. July (15 days)
  • 2 Performances
  • Rooms, timberhouse and garden
  • Accommodation (excl. restaurant and extra costs in weekend-trips)
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Towels and linen

*health insurance and travel costs are not included in the price

International Summer Workshop for classical and contemporary dance












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