Performance – International Summer Workshop 2014

International Summer Workshop 2014




A showcase dedicated to peace

A man plays accordion followed by his shadow. A dream, a ghost or reflection from the past.

In this performance we get in touch with the influence of sound and movement on each other, as a result emotional relationships are built up. The sound of melodic accordion creates surreal atmosphere. The piece expresses the sensibility of human being – compassion, empathy as well as its contrary side.

A nonverbal understanding of universal needs between individuals – independent of cultural differences. Remembering and waking up feelings makes the borders of humanity visible  – 4 women going through an emotional journey.

The show case was developed during a two week Intensive Summer Workshop for professional dancers held by the PASSIONRED collective. It is separated in two parts – choreographed by Julian Yopasá and Oren Lazovski.

31. July – Art Festival Perspektiven // Attersee at Attersee Halle __ 20:20 h

1. August – Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz (Auditorium) __ 16:00 h


Triptico Attersee




The Making off

Atterseehalle Part 1

Atterseehalle Part 2



Short introduction to the dancers


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Bethany Kayser

Bethany grew up in South Africa where she trained at her local dance school from the age of 9. She was lucky enough to be selected for the well-known First Physical Theatre Youth Company,a youth company directed by renowned Dance  Professor, Gary Gordon. Bethany performed at the annual National Arts Festival on many occasions. In 2012 Bethany moved to London to train as a professional dancer. She will start her third and final year of training at London Studio Centre in September of this year.


Stefanie Fischer

Stefanie Fischer

Stefanie Fischer compleeted her education at Tanzakademie Zürich in 2006, one Year before, she won the first Prize at Prix de Solothurn. After her gaduation she became a member of the ballet Kiel.
In the six years that she was working at the Theatre Kiel, she danced in creations from Nils Christe, Christopher Bruce, Itzik Galili, Birgit Scherzer, Philip Egli, amongst others.
Since 2012 she Performed in varios Productions in switzerland and germany, is a member of the Cathy Sharp Dance Companie and created the piece, „into pieces“ with the Labor Collective.

Miranda Meijer

Miranda Meijer

Miranda Meijer is a pre-professional dancer/choreographer originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  She is about to enter her fourth and final year of study in the Dance Program at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario – after which she will receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre: Performance Dance.  She has extensive training in ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary and has been successfully developing her skills in choreography and improvisation for the past six years.  Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a professional career in contemporary dance.  Miranda is thrilled to be participating in the Attersee-Festival this year through the PassionRED Collective.


Selina Glockner

Selina Glockner

Selina was born in Augsburg, Germany and grew up in an artistic environment. Always supported by her family, she soon discovered her passion for dance and for playing instruments. She trained at Ballett- und Tanzzentrum Otevrel in Augsburg, where she had the great chance to also perform at Dance Festivals in Greece and Japan. After her A-Levels she continued to train at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. In the past three years Selina worked with choreographers such as Darren Ellis, Kerry Nicholls, Mark Baldwin, Alexander Whitley and Robert Cohan amongst others. In collaborative projects she soon discovered that the collaboration of various art forms reflects her interests and skills. The influence of different art forms (such as fine art, music and drama) is also very present in her own choreographic work as they implicate an important source of inspiration.



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