Cuerpo Fundido

A project of PASSIONRED collective

cuerpo fundido mabai

CUERPO FUNDIDO – melting bodies

People meet and try to understand each other. Action and reaction merge into each other like pieces of a puzzle. Some fit – some donʻt. A pure contact between people can only happen if each person is one with themself – with honest thoughts and natural movement. The understanding and empathy, which is needed to truly meet someone, has been explored in the creative process of CUERPO FUNDIDO – melting bodies. Moving bodies slot into each other in the right moment and mutual sensitivity leads their focus, intention and velocity to become one moving entity with the natural perfection of the momentum. A question that stays with us is: Which traces do we leave inside the person we have met and how much do we personally take on from the other?

cuerpo fundido mabai
cuerpo fundido mabai
cuerpo fundido mabai
cuerpo fundido mabai

Choreography: Julian Yopasá
Dance: Selina Glockner, Stefanie Fischer, Julian Yopasá
Photography: Barbara Mair
Costume: Sarah Schmeikal
Music: David Longa
Makeup artist: Anita Kimbacher
Organisation: Barbara Mair

performed at the opening venue of Perspektiven Attersee Festival